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To be approved for adoption all applicants must complete an application form and meet these requirements:

  • applicant must provide a fenced pasture of at least 1 acre per equine.
  • applicant must provide a clean corral and undertake the regular job of mucking stalls.
  • applicant must provide a clean weather shelter, minimum for two donkeys is an 8′ x 16′ three-sided loafing shed.
  • applicant must provide donkey with good quality, non-moldy grass hay
  • applicant must have donkey’s hooves trimmed regularly to maintain the donkey’s proper health (usually at least three times per year).
  • applicant must provide the donkey medical treatment to avoid suffering and disability.
  • applicant must release Longhopes from any and all liability for damages or injuries resulting from the ownership of the donkey.
  • applicant must perform regular grooming.
  • applicant shall not use the donkey for roping or any abuse activity.
  • applicant shall not use jennet for breeding.
  • applicant must provide donkey with another donkey as a companion. (limited exceptions).
  • applicant must provide fresh, clean, unfrozen water by way of a tank heater, propane, solar or automatic waterer.
  • applicant must agree to allow Longhopes to monitor the placement
  • applicant must agree to allow Longhopes to retain title of the donkey (limited exceptions).
  • applicant must agree that if if for any reason the adoption is deemed unsuccessful, Longhopes has the right to rescind the adoption, and return the donkey to the Shelter.

Adoption Fees :

Range $500-$1,000 pair.   Single donkey $350-$700.

Special needs or geriatric donkeys have reduced  adoption fees.  Foster homes are also sought for some donkeys. Out of state adoptions also require additional fees for blood testing and health certificates required by law. ***FEES AND DONATIONS UNDERWRITE COSTS OF UNADOPTABLE DONKEYS AND ALLOW US TO CONTINUE TO RESCUE MORE HOMELESS DONKEYS.

Halters are available for purchase with your adopted donkey for $20.

Adoption Questionnaire

Click here to download our adoption questionnaire.
You can email or mail the completed form back to us.