Adoption Criteria

Adopter Must

Acknowledge and understand that the donkeys at the Longhopes Donkey Shelter may have previously known abuse or neglect.  Accordingly, the requirements of the Longhopes Donkey Shelter are solely for the protection of the donkey.

No warranties are made about the donkey except as stated in the Database profile on the donkey which adopter has received and reviewed.

Also Agree to

Be the primary caretaker of the donkey.

Provide the donkey with a sturdy, clean, fenced corral constructed of safe fencing material.

Provide the donkey with a minimum of 1 acre per equine of safely fenced pasture or turnout.

Keep the donkey at the adopters’ residence except as expressly authorized by Longhopes.

Provide the donkey continuous access to a clean, weather protected shelter of no less than 8×16 feet per pair of equines.

Muck the shelter and corral to maintain a clean living environment for said donkey.

Provide non-moldy, grass hay sufficient for the donkey to maintain good health and weight.

Provide the donkey with year round access to clean, unfrozen water by way of a heated water tank or similar unit.

Groom the donkey and clean the hooves of the donkey.

Have the donkey’s hooves trimmed as frequently as necessary to maintain a donkey’s normal mobility and comfort.

Provide the donkey with medical treatment necessary to avoid suffering and disability.

Provide the donkey with equine companionship consisting of a donkey unless otherwise expressly agreed by Longhopes.

Release Longhopes from all liability for injuries incurred or caused by the donkey.

Prevent all jennets from from reproduction.

Not maintain any  stallion or jack.

Protect the donkey from abuse including roping.

Allow Longhopes to reclaim the donkey if the adopter is unwilling or unable to fulfill the obligations set forth in this contract  or Longhopes deems the adoption unsuccessful for any reason.

Return the donkey to Longhopes if the adopter becomes unwilling or unable to care for the donkey without further recompense to the adopters.

Take possession of the donkey and assume full financial responsibility for the donkey including all feed, farrier, dental and medical expenses related to care of the donkey.

Adopter must also acknowledge that Longhopes shall serve as a permanent safety net for the donkey.  Therefore, except as expressly agreed by the parties, Longhopes shall retain title of the donkey.

Also Adopter must acknowledge and agree that the adoption is contingent on Longhopes’ review and approval of the adopters’ equine facilities.