This donkey came from an auction feedlot. He was not provided medical or hoof care.

When you can’t care for your donkey pets any longer, don’t risk their lives by selling them to someone who doesn’t understand how to care for a donkey. The result can be fatal.

Beware of selling on Craigslist, at auction or to pseudo “rescuers” or slaughterhouse brokers.

Contact Longhopes Donkey Shelter. We are the first donkey rescue ACCREDITED by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. We have 16 years of experience successfully rehoming donkeys. We provide permanent sanctuary for the donkey’s natural life when adoption is not suitable.

We accept donkeys at our facility:
-When we have available space
-When the donkey does not present a health risk to our other donkeys
-When the donkey does not present a financial risk to our program
-When the donkey is healthy enough to enjoy a quality of life

Requirement: Owner must be able to provide a brand certificate transferring ownership to Longhopes. We can guide you through this process.

Call us at 303-644-5930 or Email us at