Our Current Sponsors and Donkey Guardians 2017-01-15T00:19:53+00:00

Thank you to these wonderful sponsors whose monthly support allows us care for our rescued donkeys! If you would like to sponsor a donkey, please click here for more information!

Our Current Sponsors and Donkey Guardians

Daniel Adam and Gary Russell

Lesley Alderton

Christine Amini

Margaret Amini

Joann and Fred Bantin

John and Lisa Bentz

Georgette and David Berry

Trina Brockwell

Richard and Patricia Brown

Daria and Michael Bugg

Mary Jo Cartoni

Kathleen Caruso

Gisella Castagna

Mary Jo Cartoni

Karen Chappelow

Curtis and Brenda Davis

Jenni Elke

Kurt and Monica Engler

Joe and Tania Fawcett

Dorothy and Ron Flory

Barbara and Jay Foreman

Brad and Katy Gagne

Jill Garretson

Rachel Garrison

Nadine Glemba

William Gregory

Laura Grubin

McKenzie and Jadyn Guertin

Chloe Gustafson

Julie & Larry Hanan

Janice Hinkle

Kimberly Hogg and Lynette Kelly

Anne Huddle and Steve Wright

Amanda and Lee Ibrahim

Bobbie Ireland

Kristina James

Virginia and Ralph Jordan

Barbara Kehoe

Diane Kroeker

Michael and Kelly Kremkau

Danette LaGuardia

Justin and Chuck Loerwald

Armand Lubatty

Janet and Jerry Mallow

Lisa Markus

Eileen Mast

Holland and Peggy McIntosh

Scott and Deb Mentzer

Angie Morris

Lisa Moses

Dianna and Cody Natali

Ruthie Nordahl

Katherine O’Connor

Shannon Olney

Monika Orchard

Janelle Plattenberger

Susan Rawson

Eliza Read

Sandy Righter

Sheila Schaffer

Conny Seiler

Barbara Shearer

Lisa Siconolfi

Erin Sirhall

David Snyder

LaVaughn Standridge Parnell

Michelle Szydlowski

Katie E. Thomas

Amy Tsui

Arthur and Linda Vannostrand

Eileen Voth and Wil Roesler

Janet Wall

Margie Wedemeyer

Veronique Weiss

Janiece Woodland

Karen Yockey