Reasons to Adopt

Reasons to Adopt from Longhopes

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Our donkeys have ground skills for

  • haltering and leading
  • loading in trailer
  • standing for grooming, petting
  • standing for hoof care
  • standing for flyspray, flymasks

We will match you with the perfect donkey for you. We will let you handle and spend time with the donkey before adoption.

We will provide you with the donkey’s complete medical record before the adoption.

  1. Our donkeys have been vaccinated.
  2. Our jacks have been castrated so you don’t risk unwanted breeding.
  3. Our donkeys have been regularly dewormed.
  4. Our donkeys have had their hooves trimmed regularly.
  5. Our adult donkeys have received full dental treatment.
  6. Our donkeys are personable and friendly.
  7. Local delivery is included in our adoption fee.
  8. We remain available for owner support throughout the adoption.
  9. We will allow the donkeys to be returned or exchanged if the adoption is unsuccessful.