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Sanctuary Sponsorship

A Home for Life

For the rest of their natural lives, Longhopes will guarantee them permanent sanctuary at our shelter.

See our E.A.R.S. page for information on sponsoring a donkey in our Sanctuary or Rehabilitation program.

Hattie  age 40

Hattie arrived at Longhopes emaciated with overgrown, twisted hooves and cuts and scars all over her body.

We estimated her age at 35+  so we weren’t sure if Hattie was    going to make it. We underestimated the strength of Hattie’s spirit! This lovely girl is not only surviving, but she’s thriving. Hattie is calm, affectionate and enjoys every visitor to the shelter.

Hattie is the matriarch of Longhopes.  Her job is to look out for all the other donkeys and especially the foals. She’s good at her job.

Hattie needs no more moves in her life.  Longhopes will be her last home.

Betsy age 32

Betsy is a large standard jennet who is 32 years old.  She came to Longhopes in October 2015 with 11 other donkeys.  Betsy was discarded by her prior owner, probably due to age.  Her sagging back and extended belly show years of foal behind her.

Betsy took quickly to the being one of the pampered seniors at Longhopes.  She enjoys the safety of having reliable shelter, water and hay every day.  She likes getting some senior grain even better.  She is easy going and likes all the other donkeys.  She fits right in and she likes it that way.

Gertie  age 31

Gertie is a 31 year old large standard jennet who was purchased at auction by a feedlot broker.  Longhopes rescued her from the feedlot in 2011.  Gertie is a calm, sweet, friendly donkey.  Though she is healthy and happy, we decided to add her to our sanctuary program due to her age and that she and Hattie are best friends.  Gertie’s outgoing personality makes her a wonderful donkey ambassador and we are glad to offer her a home at Longhopes for the rest of her life.