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Sanctuary Sponsorship

A Home for Life

For the rest of their natural lives, Longhopes will guarantee them permanent sanctuary at our shelter.

See our E.A.R.S. page for information on sponsoring a donkey in our Sanctuary or Rehabilitation program.

Gillie age 27

Gillie is a  black standard gelding donkey.   He doesn’t look or act his age of 27.  He has tons of energy and loves jennets of all ages and sizes.

Gillies knows how to do some tricks too, as long as there is a treat available to reward him.

Gillie was placed at Longhopes by his loving owner who was no longer capable of caring for him and wanted to ensure his safety for the remainder of his life.

Nacho age 24

This fat, grey miniature gelding donkey had a single home for 20 years.  When his companion died, his owners came to Longhopes and adopted Mercedes to be Nacho’s new burro buddy.   It worked.  However, two years later the adopters were in severe financial and medical trouble.  They lost their home and so did the donkeys.  Longhopes agreed to take Mercedes back and to let Nacho come with her.

Unfortunately, Mercedes and Nacho were severely overweight from being fed too much grass, too much hay, too much grain and too many treats.

Nacho should have weighed 250 pounds but weighed 450 pounds.   Upon his return we worked hard on a diet.  When he lost about 50 pounds he felt so much better than he  decided he could keep up with the younger jennets.  He left Mercedes and has consistently found a younger jennet to be his best buddy.

At 24 it is time for Nacho to be given sanctuary at Longhopes so he will never risk losing another home.

Hattie  age 40

Hattie arrived at Longhopes emaciated with overgrown, twisted hooves and cuts and scars all over her body.

We estimated her age at 35+  so we weren’t sure if Hattie was    going to make it. We underestimated the strength of Hattie’s spirit! This lovely girl is not only surviving, but she’s thriving. Hattie is calm, affectionate and enjoys every visitor to the shelter.

Hattie is the matriarch of Longhopes.  Her job is to look out for all the other donkeys and especially the foals. She’s good at her job.

Hattie needs no more moves in her life.  Longhopes will be her last home.

Mercedes age 27

Mercedes has been at Longhopes twice.  She was rescued more than 4 years ago off a slaughter truck with her sons.  They were adopted first.

Then Mercedes was adopted to be the companion of Nacho, a 20 year old miniature donkey.   But after 2 years the adopters found themselves in a severe financial and medical crisis.

Mercedes and Nacho were also in crisis because they were fed about four times too much food.  Poor Mercedes lost her beautiful, sleek physique.  She became 160 pounds overweight.

Both donkeys were surrendered back to Longhopes.   They started on a diet and Mercedes lost nearly 125 pounds.   Little Nacho started at 450 pounds and lost nearly 80 pounds.   His weight loss increased his energy and desire for younger jennets.  So he abandoned Mercedes for the younger jennets at Longhopes.

Mercedes is very, very sweet.  She has been our Santa donkey and has made a few trips to celebrate the Christmas holiday too.

Mercedes has now become a senior donkey, with old teeth.   She still eats hay but she appreciates her daily bowl of grain too.

Gertie  age 32

Gertie is a 32 year old large standard jennet who was purchased at auction by a feedlot broker.  Longhopes rescued her from the feedlot in 2011.  Gertie is a calm, sweet, friendly donkey.  Though she is healthy and happy, we decided to add her to our sanctuary program due to her age.   She has geriatric teeth too so she now gets soft grain to keep her calorie intake stable.   Gertie and Hattie are  best friends.  Gertie’s outgoing personality makes her a wonderful donkey ambassador and we are glad to offer her a home at Longhopes for the rest of her life.