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Donkey Adoption Application

Before completing the application, please ensure that you meet the Longhopes adoption requirements available here. If you are not located in COLORADO, please call or email before you apply. Due to limited resources, we are not always able to adopt donkeys outside of the state.

After completing the application questions, please send photos of your (1) corral, (2) fencing, (3) pasture, (4) shelter, (5) hay storage, (6) heated water source and (7) any other equines on your property to You may also mail printed photographs. We will hold applications for 30 days while waiting for photos. If it has been more than 30 days since you applied, you will need to re-submit your application along with photos.

Please contact us at or 303-644-5930 if you have any difficulty with the application.

Your Name (required)

Please List Donkey Name (or Names for Pairs of Burro Buddies) That You Would Like to Adopt

Your Email (required)

Your Phone number (Write it like this: 3034567980)

Physical Address (including City, Zip Code)


Number and ages of children in home

What kind of donkey(s) are you looking for (size, color, gender, age)?

What type of activity are you planning for the donkey?

Will the donkey be living where you live?

If not, then where?

Have you ever owned a donkey before?

If yes, then where is that donkey now?

Please describe any current donkey’s age, gender, skill level

Are you willing to take 2 donkeys?

If not, why?

If yes, please explain

Have you or anyone in your household been charged or convicted of animal abuse/neglect?

Do you own your residence?

How long have you lived there?

For renters, what is length of the lease?

Has the landlord approved having donkeys on the property?

Landlord name

Landlord telephone

Landlord email

How many animals do you currently own? And what are they?

Do you have a fenced corral?

Fenced pasture?

What size?

What kind of weather shelter do you have for the donkeys?

Do you have weather protected, non-moldy, GRASS hay?

How many bales on hand?

How will you provide year-round UNFROZEN water?

Are you willing to have the donkeys’ hooves trimmed at least 4 times a year?

What is the name of your farrier?

Your veterinarian?

Who will be the primary person to take of the donkey(s)?

Frequency of contact?

What is annual household income?
Less then $25,000$50,000 or more$75,000 or more

Do you understand that owning a donkey may cost OVER $500 a year?

How would you evacuate the donkey(s) in an emergency?

Do you understand and accept that any donkey(s) adopted from Longhopes must be returned to Longhopes if you no longer want it in your care?