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Adoption Requirements

To be eligible to adopt from Longhopes, applicants must provide:

  • At least one acre per equine of safely fenced pasture or turnout (i.e. two equines would require at least two acres)
  • A sturdy, clean, safely fenced corral (a smaller, separate enclosure from the turnout)
  • Continuous access to a clean, weather-protected shelter of no less than 8×16 feet per pair of equines (suitable shelters are fully enclosed on at least three sides with a solid roof; four-sided shelters are highly recommended)
  • Year-round access to clean, unfrozen water source by way of a heated water tank or similar unit
  • An adequate supply of non-moldy grass hay stored in a weather-protected shelter
  • Access to a mineral supplement (we use and recommend EquiLix)
  • Equine companionship consisting of another donkey (limited exceptions)

Are you a first-time donkey owner? Most of our adopters are! We are happy to answer any questions you have about getting set up for your new family members. Feel free to call or email us anytime! 

Other requirements:

  • Adopter must be the primary caretaker of the donkey
  • Donkey must be kept at adopter’s residence except as expressly authorized by Longhopes
  • Adopter is financially responsible for the donkey including feed, farrier, dental and medical expenses
  • Shelter and corral must be regularly mucked to maintain a clean living environment for the donkey
  • Adopter must regularly groom the donkey and clean the donkey’s hooves
  • Donkey’s hooves must be trimmed as necessary to maintain normal mobility and comfort (minimum every 12 weeks)
  • Donkey must be provided with medical treatment necessary to avoid suffering and disability
  • Donkey must be protected from abuse including roping
  • Adopter may not maintain any stallion or jack donkey
  • Jennet donkeys must be prevented from reproducing
  • Longhopes will serve as a permanent safety net for the donkey. Adopter must agree to return the donkey to Longhopes if he/she is unable or unwilling to properly care for the donkey. Adopter cannot sell, trade, gift or otherwise transfer the donkey to another person or party.
  • Other requirements based on application, property, set up, adopter’s skill level, etc.

Average adoption costs:

  • Standard donkeys – $950 – $1,200/pair*
  • Miniature donkeys – $950 – $1,500 /pair*
  • Single donkey – starts at $950

Cost to adopt:

*Cost to adopt varies based on age, skill, size and training. Special needs or geriatric donkeys have reduced adoption fees. Out-of-state adoptions require separate fees for blood testing and health certificates required by law. Adoption funds underwrite maintenance costs of unadoptable donkeys and allow us to continue to rescue more homeless donkeys.

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