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Burro Buddies

Equine Companionship

Donkeys are not designed to live without equine companionship regardless of how much time the donkey has human companionship. Just like with humans, stress and loneliness can take a toll on a donkey’s health. Donkeys are happiest and healthiest when they live with at least one other donkey.

Communicate Long Range

The donkey’s loud voice and big ears are particularly designed for long range communication to find other donkeys. They are extremely social animals.

Bonded Burro Buddy

Although donkeys are herd animals, each donkey usually has a single bonded Burro Buddy. Donkeys will remain bonded for life. They will eat, sleep, play, and protect each other every day of every month of every year.

Adopt in Pairs

We strongly believe that donkeys should be adopted in pairs and bonded burro buddies should be kept together whenever possible.