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Caring for Hooves

Cleaning hooves and preparing your donkey for the barefoot hoof trimmer

1) Halter your Donkey

2)  Attach a long lead rope to the halter

3) Desensitize donkey to touch on torso, shoulder and then down leg with your hand

4)  Tap donkey on back of lower front leg and ask donkey to lift leg forward.  Donkeys are more comfortable lifting a leg forward before lifting it to the rear. Repeat, reward donkey verbally and with stroke on neck or front shoulder

5)  Lift hoof to rear set down and repeat and clean hooves with pick

6) Move to rear hoof.  Pull lead rope slightly so donkey’s head turns toward the side you are on and donkey can see what you are doing.  This allows for extra safety.  If the donkey tries to move away you can pull the head toward you and the rear will move away from you out of kicking range.

7) Run hand down hip, and leg.   Ask donkey to lift up hoof to the front.   Praise and reward donkey for performing as requested.  Repeat several times.  Then lift to rear and clean with pick.

8)  If donkey resists, place lead rope along outside of front shoulder on the side you are working with and loop lead around rear hoof.   Lift up hoof by the rope both forward and to the rear before trying it with your hand.  Safety tip: If donkey kicks, pull lead at halter.  Head will come toward you and rear will move away so donkey cannot kick you.