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Cost of Keeping a Donkey

What will it cost per year to care for a donkey?

Hay** (52 small bales at $8-12 per bale)  $520
Dewormer paste (twice yearly)  $20
Annual vaccinations (spring)  $50
Farrier four times per year ($35-$50 per visit)  $180
Mineral supplement  $80
Fly Spray  $20
Carrots  $25
Total  $895/donkey ($1,790/pair)

**A Donkey needs to consume forage equal to 1.5-2% of its body weight per day. An average donkey weighs 500 pounds and eats 7.5 lbs/day or one small hay bale (55 lbs) each week. This totals 52 small bales per year. Your individual donkey may need more or less depending on its size, age and body condition.

Other start-up costs:

  • Lead rope $15
  • Muck rake $15
  • Manure bucket or wheelbarrow $80
  • Fly mask $20
  • Brushes $20
  • Hoof pick $5
  • Water tank and heater $120
  • Feed bunk $80