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Donkeys as Horse Companions

Some donkeys make great companions for horses.*

*As a general rule, Longhopes believes 90% of donkeys need and deserve a chance to live with other donkeys. This is especially true for the feral donkeys living on public lands. They have hundreds of generations of living only with other burros.

For this reason, when considering buying a donkey as a horse companion, consider getting two donkeys.

  • The donkeys then have each other for exercise while the horse is being ridden.
  • The horse gets a bigger herd to dominate.

We have many pairs of donkeys with a single or multiple horses.

Similarly, horses generally prefer the company of other horses regardless of the fact that a donkey is cheaper to buy, feed, medicate and house.  So, if the companion is for the horse-consider the horse’s preference.

However, a pair of donkeys can be a very positive alternative to getting another horse because donkeys are calmer and can keep a horse calmer.

Some donkeys have only known life with a horse or have no significant attraction to other donkeys. Those donkeys seem to live comfortably, happily and in good health with a horse.  In those cases, we will adopt the donkey out without another burro buddy.

Miniature mules and hinnys make particularly good horse companions.