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“We adopted two senior donkeys from Longhopes and could not be happier. Kathy and Victoria have been extremely helpful and it’s clear they truly care for these animals. Kathy took the time to give us a tour and make sure we ended up with the right pair. Thank you for everything you’ve done for these animals in need. Lenny and Morey are settling in to their new barn and seem very happy.” – Kristofer A. in October 2017


“We lost our donkey Molly, it was heartbreaking. Longhopes, Kathy and Victoria were awesome on helping our other donkey Doc fund a new buddy. It was a lot of fun visiting and meeting Doc’s new friend. I truly appreciate there help and hospitality. We are forever grateful. Doc and Pacino have bonded very well.”-Lisa W. in July 2017

“I wanted to let you know that the donkeys have adjusted SO well. I am hopelessly smitten with the boys. They are sweet and social. They come up to anyone who visits them, and always come to me when I go out to the pasture. I have let them graze on the hay pasture for an hour or so most days, and they come right back in for horse cookies and carrots. I am enjoying them even more than I thought I would. They are wonderful!” – Alexis L. in October 2017

The girls are doing well :o} !  Enjoying seeing their cute little faces every day!  They are eating carrots out of my hand now, Thumper wasn’t too sure about that.  Twyla has been hogging the hay at times so we’ve put 2 separate piles so Thumper has a better chance of getting more.  I’ve brushed them everyday but a few days since they arrived and have been good with that. Thank you!” – Diana S. in October 2017

“Once again you guys were there to help a donkey in need. I admire your organization and the dedication you put into making it such a success. I follow Lonhopes’ progress with pride. When people ask me what I miss most about Colorado, my instant response is Longhopes. That and the beautiful blue sky.” – Linda H. in December 2017

Chuck and Linda Rinkor

“Chuck and I want to thank you for an absolutely beautiful day at the open house. Thank you so much for honoring us with the riding arena name. We feel so special, and Chuck was absolutely surprised. Many thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the most special donkey critters. Also, we’d like to give a huge thanks to all your volunteers – they are all so good hearted and such giving people. The Law of Attraction has most certainly brought you the very best of people and donkeys. We love what you are doing and will always be willing to help in whatever way we can.” – Chuck and Linda Rinkor

“Longhopes has helped the Bureau of Land Management place orphans and burros with behavior or physical problems.  This is truly an honorable, caring and dedicated rescue organization.”

– Fran Ackley, Wild Horse and Burro Program Leader,       

                 Colorado Bureau of Land Management